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Meet Our Camp Staff

Executive Director

Photo of Executive Director Sandi Creswell

Sandi Creswell

Sandi is our Executive Director here at Texas Elks Camp on Texoma. Boy, what can we say about a lady who works so hard! She graduated from Brookhaven College. Sandi began working at Texas Elks Camp on Texoma as a JOLT instructor in 2008 and later became the Program Director of JOLT. She then moved to the Main Office as Operations Director. Sandi is the wheels to the operation here at Texas Elks Camp on Texoma. However, her first love has always been the kids and the JOLT program. Sandi lives here on Lake Texoma and spends her free time with her growing family. With 3 kids, and now grandchildren Sandi stays busy with her family, fishing, boating, camping, and swapping stories here at Lake Texoma.

“I love seeing the students, campers, and adults enjoying life out in nature!” – Sandi​

Hospitality Director

Photo of Hospitality Director Dina Marthinsen

Dina Marthinsen

I am the Director of Hospitality at Texas Elks Camp on Texoma. I enjoy bringing life to the indoor spaces at camp for groups to enjoy. I thrive on positive feedback and try to do better when receiving a negative feedback. One of the best thing about working at camp is being outdoors, by the lake, and interacting with the kiddos. It gives me a very heartwarming feeling to see kids enjoy camp. I enjoy interior designing and gardening.

“Faith and Family!” -Dina

Program Staff


Jeremiah Velten

Growing up, my love for nature was ingrained in me from the beginning. I found immense joy in activities like camping, fishing, and hiking, which fueled my passion for the outdoors. This journey led me to pursue becoming an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. Achieving this rank wasn’t just about earning badges; it was a journey of personal growth and development. 

Throughout the process of becoming an Eagle Scout, I honed my leadership skills, learned the importance of teamwork, and developed a profound connection to nature and my community. 

Additionally, I am an EMT. As an EMT, my passion fir helping others extends beyond the wilderness. Being an EMT demands quick thinking, adaptability, and a strong sense of responsibility. 

One of my favorite hobbies is going disc golfing with friends and family and enjoying playing regularly.

“Find joy in every step, and let the rhythm of simplicity compose the melody of your journey.”  – Jeremiah


Jake Carlson

In my spare time, I love to read books that inspire me and challenge my thinking. I also enjoy exploring new places and cultures, whether it’s hiking in the mountains, canoeing down the rivers, or visiting museums and historical sites, I believe that life is a journey of discovery and growth, and I always seek to learn something new. 

I have suffered from a traumatic brain injury that changed my perspective and made me realize that I wanted to do something more meaningful and fulfilling. That’s why I decided to work at a camp where I can share my passion for adventure and learning with kids. My motto is, “surpass your limits!” and I encourage everyone to do the same.

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible”  – Jake Carlson


Hser Paw

Carpe Diem. Veni, vini, vinci.

“Alea iacta est.”  – Julius Ceasar


Dani Love

From my early years, I found solace and passion in the great outdoors, reveling in activities like horseback riding and rock climbing, which sculpted my love for adventure and physical exertion. 

I am a devoted wife, and a mother to a beautiful daughter. My life revolves around family, nature, and a relentless pursuit of well-being. 

My dedication to fitness transcends personal boundaries; it defines my professional journey. I am a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. I have a fervent belief in the power of physical activity, I advocate for its pivotal role in fostering holistic wellness. 

I am committed empowering others resonates as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating paths towards vibrant health and enduring vitality. 

As I continue my journey, I remain steadfast in my mission to sculpt healthier, happier lives – one step, one workout, and one heart at a time.

“Empowering lives through fitness and nature.”  – Dani Love


Izzy Moser

Carpe Diem. Veni, vini, vinci.

“Alea iacta est.”  – Julius Ceasar

Facilities Staff


Don Miars

My wife and I love being out in the woods and walking outside. I like seeing kids come to know the woods and become comfortable in it. I enjoy sailing and archery. For my wife and I, our church family is the most important.

“Camp!”  – Don


Micah Velten

I love the outdoors and my favorite outdoor activity is rock climbing. I am working towards becoming a firefighter. I enjoy fishing and boating on the Lake. Camp is the greatest place in the world. Can't wait to see you guys at camp!!!!

“I'd rather be in the air than on the ground!”  – Micah


Josh Velten

“CAMP!"  – Josh

Food Services Staff


Debra Richardson

Debra is our Food Services Director. Debra is originally from Plano, moving to the lake area in 2016, and began working at the camp. She and her staff work hard to ensure you have a wonderful dining experience while here at camp.

“I love the outdoors and nature so live the lake life is a dream come true. Hope to see you soon!”  – Debra


Necie Davis

Necie is our Food Services Assistant Director. She joined the dining hall staff in 2019 and has been an asset to the kitchen.

“I love to make bread and big messes!”  – Necie

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