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Adventure Programing

Here is a list of Texas Elks Camp on Texoma’ adventure programs for the JOLT program. These courses focus on personal and group development, whether it is our low ropes course or archery, these programs help build student confidence and teamwork.

Also see our offerings for:

Group Practicing Archery


Students learn how to safely use a re-curve bow and arrow while also learning about kinetic and potential energy.

Team Activity with Tire

Low Ropes Challenge Course

Team building activities designed to incorporate physical and mental challenges. Using cables, ropes, wooden beams, or just themselves, teams explore risk-taking, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and coaching during this adventure, with a focus on collaboration.

Students Collecting Timber in the Woods

Science of Survival

Students learn the basic skills of outdoor survival including building shelters and starting campfires.

Girl with White Helmet on a High Rope

High Ropes *

Students learn to work together and trust each other while building self-esteem and learning to challenge themselves. Our certified instructors make sure it is a fun and safe experience. Numerous elements to choose from.

*Courses have an extra fee associated with them. 

Boy with White Helmet on a High Rope


Part of our high ropes challenge course, the Giant Swing is a 35-foot tall swing that allows students to choose how high they swing. It promotes personal growth and helps build teamwork.

Man Practicing Mountain Biking in the Woods

Mountain Biking *

Students learn a few biking basics before going on a ride on one of our many trails.

*Courses have an extra fee associated with them.

Person Climbing on Rockwall

Rock Wall*

Part of our high ropes challenge course, the Rock Wall promotes personal growth by letting the student choose how high they ascend. It also builds teamwork by allowing everyone to participate in a team belay.

Group doing Service Project

Service Project

Students can help us keep Texas Elks Camp on Texoma beautiful and complete one or more service projects

See Operations Director for the current list of projects.

Child Showing Caught Fish


Students learn the basics of fishing such as baiting and setting hooks, as well as basic fish anatomy and adaptations.

*Courses have an extra fee associated with them.

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